Our Compass

Our Compass provides a framework, a road map, for how each and every team member can collaborate to achieve both our personal and our corporate ambitions, ensuring that our Core Values are upheld and are fully aligned with our Brand Promise.

The Compass – which always shows true north – provides our direction, a constant reminder that to provide the highest quality of service for our clients and to deliver sustainable profitability we must continually strive for a high degree of collaboration with all stakeholders, that all of our employees are engaged in the journey and that we must stay true to our values.


  • At the heart of our Compass is our PURPOSE, our reason for being, our core mission.
  • Our VISION empowers us and establishes where our journey will take us – our destination as a company.
  • Our guiding principles are represented by our CORE VALUES, which are embedded in the history of our company.
  • Our STRATEGIC PRIORITIES represent the How – the operational processes and tools that we need to make our journey.
  • Our BRAND PROMISE celebrates the commitment we make to all stakeholders – our employees, partners and clients.
  • The outermost ring of our Compass defines the LEADERSHIP BEHAVIOURS we believe in and are committed to nurturing throughout OBMI.