• 1Destination Creation
  • 2Urban Living
  • 3Island Living
  • 4Inside Design
  • 5Green Matters

Centres of Excellence

OBM International has established five key Centres of Excellence which operate as specialised business units overlaying the geographic matrix of our offices. The units leverage key strategic strengths and skills to provide the optimum level of service for our clients.

The Centres of Excellence are:
Destination Creation: The conception of a number of unique destinations across the globe
Urban Lifestyle: Focused on urban communities, their environments and their architecture
Island Living: Leveraging a long, successful history in quality residential design and boutique resorts
Inside Design: The design of interiors that lift the emotions
Green Matters: Sustainability in all aspects related to lifestyle and architecture.

Our network of Centres of Excellence allow a seamless flow of knowledge and expertise through our projects, ensuring that our clients benefit from the accumulated intelligence and specialist design skills within OBM International, wherever the project may be located across the globe.