Cliffs Villas Win Best Living Room Design

June 6, 2017
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The Cliffs Villas at Oil Nut Bay have been recognised by the readers of Virgin Islands Property & Yacht (VIPY) as having the most stylish living room design in the islands. Designed by OBM International (OBMI) the Cliffs Villas offer breathtaking views of the ocean from its perch on steep cliffs giving the villas their namesake.

The Cliffs Penthouse Suite offers mesmerising views from the living room but were not achieve without a great deal of design detailing and structural engineering. The villa features a corner-open doorframe allowing for uninterrupted, breathtaking views of the sea from the cliff below. To be structural supported without the hinderance of a column or supporting beam. The result is breathtaking. The room is fashionably appointed with furnishings from Fendi Casa interiors and adorn the space with luxurious offerings which define simple elegance.

The Cliffs Penthouse Villa is part of three 1-bedroom rental villas offered by Oil Nut Bay on the spectacular island of Virgin Gorda. Nestled on a private peninsula on the tip of the island, Oil Nut Bay is a pristine community conceived as a tropical paradise for Caribbean living. OBMI has been responsible for the design of many of the development’s amenities including the Yacht Club, the Community Core, and many exquisite private Ridge, Beach and Estate Villas – “The Cliffs” amongst them.