A Day in the Life

We love to hear the stories of our staff members’ travels and experiences so we thought we would share their stories with you. At OBMI, we embrace what each experience with each of our clients brings; every trip, client meeting, workshop or site visit reveals our passion for our profession. Our stories will make you smile and will transcend you to the very place where each of the experiences took place.


Where in the World is Tim?

As an international architectural design and master planning firm, we are often called upon to meet our Clients on location. As thought leaders and experts in our fields, capacity building takes on many forms and requires attendance at various conferences, trade shows and affords us speaking engagements around the word. Chairman, Tim Peck, for OBM International has been known to frequent various time-zones within a day, thus keeping up with his travel schedule can be a daunting task at times. This section details the travel, life and times of Tim as he travels the world pursuing his passion. Journey with us as we locate Tim Peck on his worldly adventures and learn of his inspiring stories of dedication to his craft and company.

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