Pasito Blanco Resort & Spa – Grand Canary Island, Spain

Located on a spectacular sloping site on Grand Canary Island, Pasito Blanco Hotel and Resort will take full advantage of the natural topography to offer stunning views. The resort development is designed following the patterns of traditional hillside villages on the interior of the island, with the structures modelled to the steep terrain. The main public elements of the hotel form the traditional village centre and the spa and hotel villas become the extension of the village, all linked by a terraced spine leading to the beach club. The progression of space and the views from the site entry through to the natural ocean pool continuously change, overlaying a level of intrigue and discovery as the guest transitions through the resort. A natural greenway along the coast features walking trails, a pocket beach, and a natural pool embedded in the natural rock. The architecture utilizes the vernacular and historical languages in the design typologies and in the material selections. Wooden railings and arbours with traditional detailing are combined with contemporary finishes and technology.

Region: Europe
Services: Master Planning & Architecture

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