Island Living

We live and breathe and rejoice in our island life every day – it is in our blood. We understand the qualities that make our environment unique and the lifestyle so attractive. We appreciate how the architecture can coexist symbiotically with its environment. Island Living celebrates our history, embedded in the islands of Bermuda and the Caribbean, which imbues us with a deep understanding of development in small island communities. Our relationship with the islands is evident in our outstanding track record of designing sensitive, unique and attractive architecture that truly works with its island context.

We recognize that the creation of an island destination is based upon a series of experiences that celebrate the location, and through that understanding have created some of the most original and notable boutique resorts throughout the Caribbean, each offering their guests an authentic vacation experience. Recognition of this talent and sensitivity has lead to OBMI being privileged to create unique boutique destinations in some of the most beautiful and sensitive locations across the globe.

Our Island Living residences encapsulate all that is precious in our islands, breaking the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living, drawing in and framing those spectacular views, capturing the cooling trade winds, celebrating our environment in a manner that has ensured that Island Living residences have a cachet which is acknowledged throughout the region.

This innate understanding of our island communities means that every local project is truly integrated into its context and community. The practicalities of sourcing and transporting materials are fully understood and the skills of the local labour force are leveraged. Our projects have been weathering the aggressive environment of the tropics for over 75 years and the challenges of designing for hurricanes and seismic activity are fully integrated into our processes. We truly know how to facilitate successful development in the island context.

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