Half Moon Bay Resort


Enhancing A Historic Landmark

The vision for the new Half Moon Bay is to create a destination that allows visitors to experience the beauty of the site and the culture of Antigua as through the eyes of a local. Therefore, OBMI set out to design a resort that included a 5-star branded hotel, oceanfront villas and cottages, with a thriving retail village as a destination that blends harmoniously into its surroundings, preserving and enhancing its natural beauty.

Showcasing the property’s overlook unto Half Moon Bay the resort’s plan of clustered hotel units focuses guest activities around a central courtyard and shared amenities for social gathering. The goal is to encourage guests to share central spaces and experiences while providing flow into the surrounding landscape and encouraging environmental interactions and experiences.

Inspired by nature Half Moon Bay’s architectural elements are inspired by nature with tree-trunk like columns, leaf textured screens and rooflines mimic the span of bird’s wings expanding to take flight. The property’s design approach allows nature to inspire and govern the architecture with built elements offsetting and complementing the site’s natural features.

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211 acres


130 Room Hotel
6 Beachfront Residences
43 Peninsula Residences
15 Ocean View Residences
Hillside Residences


Master Planning


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