Urban Lifestyle

We work, we play, we move, we congregate in cities and towns. Urban Lifestyle is expressed as diversity, complexity, mixed use, civic meaning and social exchange. As architects and urban planners we understand the critical value that good design and programming play in creating a true sense of place. We understand how creative design solutions support the infusion of vitality to our urban realm. In an increasingly global world we embrace the challenge of creating settings for urban lifestyles that are global, yet rooted in the very culture and heritage of each specific place, allowing these layered resources to dictate the design path.

Our approach to design in an urban context, whether it is commercial, civic, town centres, or mixed-use communities, is necessarily supported by urban intelligence – either from our own resources or through alliances. We bring in an understanding of urban forces, growth trends, systems, strategy, and policy. It is our goal to create new urban settings that add civic and social meaning to our cities, create value for the project itself and its context, and are functionally integrated to the larger fabric of our communities.

Our Urban Lifestyles projects range from buildings to neighbourhoods to cities and regions; from civic or commercial architecture to residential communities; from small urban regeneration projects through to regional master plans. We understand the particular complexities of each scale, and we focus on the appropriate variables and apply the specific expertise for each scale. We see each project, large or small, as an opportunity to contribute towards better human settlements and offer future generations improved quality of life. We strive to create projects that posses a unique identity that is woven into local context; while at the same time, we apply contemporary approaches to effectively address today’s opportunities and constraints.

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