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OBMI Unveils Conversion Plans for Bermudiana Beach Resort

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OBMI, alongside the government of Bermuda, unveiled plans for the Bermudiana Beach Resort. While presenting OBMI's design through 3D visualizations and fly-thru video it was announced the property will become a new mid-market boutique resort.

The design calls for the conversion of the former housing development into a beach resort converting 71 of the apartments into hotel suites and the remaining 7 into shared common areas including a reception area, bar, restaurant, meeting room, commercial kitchen, spa, and operations support.

The property was originally planned as a housing development and went on the market in 2012; in 2013 the Government decided to solicit requests for information from investors and potential buyers for the 78-unit property, and in 2014 the Government initially announced the involvement of MacLellan & Associates to turn the property into the Bermudiana Beach Resort.

The architectural design work on the project is complete, and planning permissions have been obtained. At this time, building permits are to be applied for with work on site anticipated to commence in May of this year. It is anticipated that the conversion works will be undertaken during 2018 and 2019, with an anticipated opening date for the resort of April 2020.

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