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architecture has the power to transform

As well-seasoned masters of vernacular architecture, we have deep expertise in designing for the globe’s most storied destinations and luxurious homes. In our luxury resorts, boutique hotels, and bespoke villas, travellers are moved by transformative vacations. Moments that lodge forever in the heart.


Centres of Excellence

Deep wells of expertise, our Centres of Excellence are independent departments and virtual studios that transcend our regional offices. Each represents a concentration of specialized strengths, maximizing specific expertise and creative talent to the advantage of our clients. Regardless of a project’s physical location, it benefits from the sum total of our team’s innovative ideas and practical experience.

Destination Creation

Designing Transformative Travel Experiences

As well as designers, architects, and master planners, we are curious travellers. Our collective passion for world-class destinations is fuelled by a fascination about the key drivers of their success. These journeys inspire design solutions for authentic Hospitality projects that enrich the lives of their guests. The resulting boutique hotels and luxury resorts celebrate the process of arrival and discovery, setting the stage for moments that transform.

Urban Lifestyle

The Rhythm of Life, Work, and Play in Cities and Towns

The urban environment is one of diversity, complexity, and social exchange. As architects, urban planners, and designers, we understand how deliberate design and thoughtful programming add vitality, for a truly welcoming sense of place. Through our understanding of urban forces, growth trends, systems, strategy, and policy, we create new neighbourhoods that give social meaning to cities while increasing value for the project and its context. Our Commercial/Civic and Mixed-use projects enhance the lives of their various users and stakeholders.

Island Living

Focused Design for Challenging Environments

Our Caribbean roots have instilled in us an appreciation for the symbiotic relationship between environment, lifestyle, architecture, and Interior Design. We have an outstanding reputation for creating sensitive, unique, and appealing design—inside and out—that is appropriate to its context. By framing spectacular views, drawing in the cooling trade winds, challenging established definitions of indoor and outdoor space, and creating interiors that complement their architecture, our Island Living residences have achieved cachet for thoughtful, functional spaces.

Green Matters

Stewardship Guides Every Decision

Every Centre of Excellence—and every project we take on—involves our Green Matters team to ensure sustainable planning from the start. Much of our work takes place in pristine settings that are especially vulnerable. After decades of architecture in the sensitive Caribbean islands, we have instilled an approach that always plans for the best long-term outcomes—for the land, the water, and the people. Legitimate leaders in Sustainability Consulting, our firm has played a founding role in establishing The Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism (CAST).


Guiding Hospitality's Leaders

With deep roots in idyllic vacation destinations throughout the world, OBMI has developed a sterling reputation for creating experiences that transform travellers. We are honoured to take on the role of trusted advisors for the most prominent and celebrated international resort brands.


"It's the passion. You can tell they love these islands and that they really care. You go to the office and they start scribbling on pieces of paper. They really enjoy what they do."
Paul Weimer
Vice President, CBRE Group
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"OBMI took 500 acres of raw land and created a masterplan for a luxury resort hotel with residential, a golf course, and a series of amenities."
Frederico Sanchez
CEO, Interlink Group
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"What separates OBMI from other architectural firms is the entrepreneurial way in which they approach the business. We have always involved them at the early stages, as a partner, in whatever we do."
Ron Sutherland
Founder & President, The Hemisphere Group
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"There's consistency in energy and capability, across all functions and team members, whether it's business development or design. You don't get that in all firms."
Andrew Miele
Director of Development, Americas, Four Seasons
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"The tourism authority's strategic partnership with OBMI has been very productive, allowing us to move projects along very quickly."
Roland Andy Burrows
Chief Investment Officer, Bermuda Tourism Authority
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"At Hilton we react very, very fast to our clients, and I think OBMI does the same...that’s the key to building a relationship."
Juan Corvinas
Managing Director, Development Mexico, Central America and Hispanic Caribbean, Hilton
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"OBMI understands the history, the culture, and they tie it to a product that can actually resonate with the customer who's ultimately going to use it."
Mark Durliat
CEO, Grace Bay Resorts
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"We've had a 17-year working relationship with OBMI ... in residential, high-end, commercial, government—across the full spectrum."
Ben Butler
Managing Director, BVI, BCQS
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80 years and we're just getting started

Celebrating more than 80 years of passion for our profession, OBMI has become renowned for architecture of luxury hotels, resorts, vacation destinations and residences that reflect the culture specific to their place.

From our origins in Bermuda, we have expanded to include offices and studios throughout the Caribbean and beyond. With an extensive portfolio of projects, we have positioned ourselves as a prestigious design firm whose work beautifies coastlines, hillsides, and cities around the world.

We have weathered some of recent history’s most challenging economic storms by developing a proactive, nimble approach to problem-solving. We now leverage those acquired skills to our clients’ advantage, presenting inspired solutions with flexible adaptability. From architecture for the tropics to desert environments, from municipal buildings to mountain resorts, clients count on us for design that is profoundly relevant to place and purpose.

“With OBMI there is an assurance factor that there’s a quality of work and a quality of leadership. You know you’re in safe hands and that you’re getting the project done well.”
OBMI Architect, Bermuda