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OBMI Presents Sustainable Tourism Planning at SAHIC Costa Rica

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The Costa Rica Sustainable Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference, November 13 and 14 in San Jose, is the first specialised conference on Sustainable Hotel and Tourism Investments, presented by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism and officiated by the President of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solis. The event organised by leading hospitality events organiser SAHIC will provide a unique opportunity to understand the local market, the keys to understanding how to do business at a sustainable tourism sector and the perfect environment to connect with local hotel owners, investors, financiers and government officials.

OBMI Managing Director, Liora Haymann, will share her expertise in planning for long-term tourism programming through master planning. Her presentation to SAHIC Costa Rica attendees will focus on designing for resilience and sustainability. Liora's experience in providing OBMI clients global knowledge paired with an appreciation of local culture will make this presentation, and exciting and timely topic as Costa Rica seeks to expand and further define their sustainable tourism product. Her focus on providing comprehensive solutions, combining original and appropriate design with a solid understanding of the strategic and technical issues related to real estate development to the audience closely aligns with the goals of the event, promoting and developing the sustainable.

The Costa Rica Sustainable Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference, will, at the international level promote and develop the sustainable business of Hotels, Tourism in Costa Rica. It is the place to learn and discuss where the industry is, and where it is going. But above all to understand where the opportunities are, how to sustainably enhance the country's tourism product, connect with the right partners and build alliances that enhance business opportunities.

For more information on the first conference dedicated to promoting the sustainable tourism product of Costa Rica, please visit the SAHIC Costa Rica website.