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OBMI to Develop Antigua Sustainable Tourism Development Plan

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Strides are being made toward the preparation of a Sustainable Tourism Development Plan (STDP) which will be used to develop and set guidelines for the future enhancement of Antigua and Barbuda as a tourist destination. The Government has secured the professional services of consultants OBMI and T&L Europraxis to partner on this project, to deliver the STDP and all related master planning, business planning, and negotiations.

OBM International (OBMI), one of the world’s leading international architectural and planning firms with nine global offices, has a deep understanding of the vast opportunities for tourism investment in Antigua. The 75-year-old company has maintained an office in the region for 25 years and has completed notable local projects, including Sugar Ridge Hotel, Hermitage Bay, Carlisle Bay Hotel, and Blue Waters Hotel.

OBMI was recently commissioned to prepare a Sustainable Tourism Development Plan (STDP) for Antigua, which aims to attract foreign capital for tourism development. The project is led by OBMI Antigua Partner Brian D’Ornellas, an island native who has been a trusted advisor to businesses and the government for over two decades.

In partnership with the Tourism Ministry and the Investment Authority, OBMI and their consultant partners, Tourism and Leisure SL (part of the Europraxis Group), will develop a STDP that sets the guidelines for future development of the destination, helps identify specific development projects, and provides a cohesive and structured 10-year roadmap for foreign investors.

Through the STDP, Antigua will continue to enjoy the competitive advantages of an attractive environment, a stable government that is actively involved in the tourism industry, an advantageous tax regime for tourism investment, and a key geographic location in the Caribbean near source markets such as the U.S. The project will also help raise the profile of Antigua, to generate employment and economic growth by creating value for the country’s assets.