dynamic collaboration is our backbone

Architectural design clients come to OBMI with complex challenges that reach far beyond architectural design. We love these opportunities to apply our collaborative spirit to the design process, gathering our team of planners, architects and designers with international specialists, clients and stakeholders. We flex the left and right sides of our brain to define issues and brainstorm ideas. We listen. We talk. We sketch, strategize, challenge each other, laugh and determine the best solutions.

These sessions enable us to refine our approach and solidify the project’s best design solutions. We share knowledge, build trust and make better decisions.

Together, we create something exceptional.


Let’s start building your vision

Your schedule is full, so we ensure the design process is seamless giving you the outcome you envisioned. Our international team has extensive expertise in all architectural disciplines; from site selection and master planning through to architecture and interior design, construction management, and more.

Realize your transformational space

We provide expert services that go far beyond a set of technical drawings. Our architects will listen to your dreams, your aspirations, your budget concerns, and apply their skills and experience to create a home of your dreams.

"Architecture educates, encapsulates, and stimulates all who encounter its boundaries. Even the powerful written word is treated as fleeting, but the built environment has the inescapable continuing opportunity of evolving our consciousness."
Managing Director