Residential Projects:
It's our privilege to build your dreams

Dreams evolve over time. They gain colour and shape, but they often remain ethereal. We are here to transform your dreams – for sanctuary, for legacy, for laughter and connection – into spaces that reflect who you are. Few matters are more personal than how you live, and what you see when you close your eyes. It’s our privilege to fulfill your vision.

Process: Envisioning, Designing & Creating Places

Phase 1

Site Selection

Architects can offer valuable advice as you select the best site for your home. Applying experience and accumulated knowledge, they can illuminate the challenges and opportunities of a specific site – from a cocktail terrace oriented for sunsets to ground conditions that could require an expensive foundation.

Phase 2

Schematic Design

Sketch drawings interpret the project brief and explore conceptual design solutions. This is an iterative process, where both parties offer open and honest ideas, feedback and criticism. The agreed-upon set of outline drawings, sometimes called final sketch plans, will ultimately set the project direction.

Phase 3

Detailed Design

The detailed design shows the building’s appearance, including fixtures, fittings and construction details. Your architect will advise you on design proposals that fit your budget, quality, maintenance and performance goals, while providing design and layout information for the local planning authority. Once you approve the design drawings, the primary design stage is complete.

Phase 4

Construction Documents

Building permit application processes vary slightly for each Caribbean island, but your architect and consulting engineer submit drawings to demonstrate regulatory compliance. Once the technical drawings are complete, your architect will prepare tender documents, which usually include contract drawings, material and component specifications, the Bill of Quantities and Conditions of Contract.

Phase 5

Construction Administration

After the design process, bidding contractors receive a formal drawing set to estimate project costs. Your selected contractor agrees to direct the work according to contractual obligations, while the architect periodically inspects quality and progress. If you wish to have closer inspection, you can employ a project manager or contract the architect to make more frequent site visits.

Realize your transformational space

OBMI is a collaborative team of designers and architects, but we are also strategic, holistic thinkers. We create timeless homes for our clients around the world. We demand excellence – from ourselves and our partners. Trust is our currency. Discretion is a promise. Our multi-disciplinary approach draws on the expertise of every team member. Architects sketch alongside structural and construction experts and sustainability consultants work closely with interior designers. Every part of your project receives our care, our creativity, and our innovation. Your needs now, and in the future, are guideposts. Your goals and aspirations give us endless inspiration.

A bright and airy kitchen redesign

Frustrated with their kitchen, homeowners Lynn and Chris Brown invited OBMI Interior Designer Michele Smith to discuss redesign options. The goal: to open it up to the rest of the home. The Browns outlined their frustrations, including the kitchen's size, dim lighting, lack of flow between the living areas, and an under-utilized adjoining entry.


Immerse yourself in virtual design

Emerging technologies give us exciting new ways to take clients inside a space, long before we even break ground. Virtual design, 3D modelling and other tools have also changed how we produce our design solutions.

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"Going on-site is the genesis of a project. From a view standpoint, you can determine the ideal location for the house – that’s where you start to think about design features."
Marvin Flax
Managing Director