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Caribbean Journal – 10 Questions with Doug Kulig

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OBMI CEO Doug Kulig Shares Insights with Caribbean Journal

The Caribbean Journal recently discussed design, sustainability, and Caribbean development with OBMI CEO, Doug Kulig.

Caribbean Journal: Can you talk about what OBMI does in the Caribbean?

Doug Kulig: Creating sensitive, unique, and appealing design is in our DNA. Our design approach celebrates our history, embedded in the islands of Bermuda and the Caribbean, imbuing us with a deep understanding of how architecture can coexist symbiotically with its environment. Through this understanding we have created some of the most notable boutique resorts and residences throughout the Caribbean, each offering an authentic vacation experience, and celebrating our environment with a design cachet which is acknowledged throughout the region.

OBMI has 85 years of extensive experience working in the Caribbean. We continue to be fascinated by the unique landscapes, rich culture, and architectural heritage of this region. We’ve embraced the challenges of bridging architectural tradition with contemporary lifestyle through sensitive and forward-thinking design. We believe a large factor in achieving successful design solutions for the region is our keen understanding for the responsibility associated with working in environmentally and culturally sensitive places.

We focus on seeking out the intrinsic qualities of the locations in which our projects exist and couple them with innovative ideas to incorporate in the creation of each project. OBMI recognizes that we are privileged to have our roots firmly embedded in the Caribbean region. Our rich experience in these island communities is a critical formative part of our history. The skills developed creating innovative and insightful design solutions for this beautiful region, with its breadth of environmental and cultural sensitivities, have offered a strong foundation for our expansion across the globe.

CJ: We’ve seen an increasing trend of the development of residential resorts in the Caribbean — why do you think that is?

DK: It’s a great solution for developers and homebuyers. In most cases, residential sales are the primary revenue generator for resort communities. And now with social distancing and the general need to reconnect with nature, while benefiting from the access to various resort or lifestyle facilities. When looking for the best investment, residential resorts provided homeowners with the confidence of working with people who are reputable and knowledgeable.

CJ: What are some of the major projects you’ve worked on?

DK: Some of our landmark projects in the Caribbean include architectural design for Oil Nut Bay Resort Community, Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina, Carlisle Bay Resort in Antigua, Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands; Hermitage Bay in Antigua; Rosewood Little Dix Bay and Veranda Resort & Residences in Turks and Caicos, amongst others. Once complete, Rosewood Half Moon Bay and Waldorf Astoria Antigua will be exciting additions to our built portfolio for the Caribbean.

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