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2019 Architectural Design Trends

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With the start of a new year, we all have the opportunity to embrace the design trends will taking over in 2019. Whether you are building from the ground up or looking to overhaul a certain space in your home, consider these trends to elevate your home's design in the new year.


They say life isn’t about the destination, but the journey - even if that means just going to the second floor. When it comes to home design, staircases have become an opportunity to make an architectural statement rather than just serve as a functional necessity. Staircases can be complex, turning, suspended, open or closed and constructed from countless materials. As a growing trend for the new year, the cantilever ‘floating’ staircase is attracting homeowners whose design tastes are sharply on-trend and modern. With the ability to curve and twist around any space, this staircase is a uniquely intelligent piece of architecture and engineering. Acting as a centerpiece in many homes, this year artistic stairs will command more attention than ever before.


For truly luxurious properties and those who demand them every inch of their homes have been designed and meticulously detailed with style, function, and elegance, except the garage. Therefore, it is only natural that one of the hottest design trends in luxury living is rethinking and redefining garage space. From travertine flooring to high-end cabinetry garages have become the last stop for luxury upgrades for your home. For many, the garage has become their main entry and exit from their home, therefore, it is only natural to be welcomed into luxury from the moment they arrive. Custom quality cabinetry, beautiful lighting, and a space to store everything hidden from view are just a few of the upgrades clients are asking for in their luxury garages.


Part of living in coastal areas includes having to deal with extreme weather that can do its best to wreak havoc on homes. OBMI clients are asking for more peace-of-mind regarding how their home can withstand extreme weather events such as hurricanes. This is especially true of our Caribbean clients who have recently gone through big storms. Specific features frequently requested or offered by our team include safe rooms, fully integrated generators and backup power supplies, and redesigning outdoor spaces. In fact, as a result of our team’s experience in the British Virgin Islands, we have redesigned the roof structure of the traditional Caribbean patio where oversized overhangs have resulted in extensive roof damage. The OBMI design team has re-engineered the overhangs to be sacrificial and break free from the home’s primary structure to reduce significant damage in the event of severe winds and weather.