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6 Green Features for Your Luxury Home

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Every home has the potential to be more “green” and sustainable. Sustainable design doesn't mean having to “do without.” Luxury residences across the world now showcase green roofs, make use of passive design strategies and reduce the world’s carbon footprint with reclaimed building materials. In honor of Earth Day, we explore 6 green features that architects and designers are incorporating in today’s luxury homes.

Sustainable & Locally Sourced Materials – Sustainability embodies preserving all elements of the environment while using local material.  Homeowners can reduce material cost by salvaging local materials to create home furniture and accent pieces. When choosing materials, try to choose items from the region which are best suited to the climate and the construction requirements for the particular region.

Vegetable Gardens – Vegetable gardens are green features that can provide organic produce at a low cost. If you do not have a yard you can create a vegetable garden on your roof using half-barrel containers for dwarf fruit trees, potatoes, and annual flowers. Creating a home garden can help homeowners develop better physical and mental health as time outdoors has many positive wellness benefits.

Natural & LED Lighting  – An easy way homeowners can reduce costs is by taking advantage of natural lighting or LED bulbs. LED lights have become popular green features because they are more efficient than the ancient bulbs. A way to use natural light is placing a large mirror in a room which will reflect natural light. Or removing any curtains from your windows, curtains tend to have heavy materials that absorb natural light.

Passive Design – Passive design strategy carefully balances a set of factors including heat emissions from appliances and occupants to keep a building at comfortable and consistent indoor temperatures throughout the heating and cooling seasons to offer long-term energy efficiency.

Smart Home Integration – Blending architecture with advanced high-tech features, homeowners can save on energy emissions by controlling lighting, heating, irrigation, and sound while at home or away.

Solar Panels / Tiles/Home Energy Storage - The sun provides more than enough energy in just one hour to supply our planet's energy needs for an entire year. Your home can capture this free, abundant energy source through rooftop solar panels or tiles. Additionally, home batteries provide a more sustainable energy storage option for the future. With this intelligent software, homes can store electricity locally for later consumption. When paired with solar, the batteries are even more powerful.

To learn more about green features, speak with an architect or designer to learn the best ways to incorporate earth-friendly elements into your home design.