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Top 9 Trends for Luxury Home Design

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What defines a luxury home? Luxury home designs offer the very best in space and amenities, from kitchens and closets to game spaces and security. Here are the top luxury home design trends to watch out for next year so you'll know what to go for if you decide to redesign your home.

  1. Really spacious walk-in closets. Seriously.

Walk-in closets are great, a room for your clothes, who doesn’t like that? Besides providing an expansive feeling of space, some of today’s luxury homes are including built-in organization with drawers and cupboards included. And an island too. Not the one with palm trees though, but instead a central furniture piece, which can serve as additional storage and as a table for laying down clothes, besides being a centering block for the extremely large walk-in closet.


  1. Voice assistants 

In the “age of accelerations”, time is of the essence and so is convenience. We’re inundated by problems coming at us every day, from every direction. To help muffle those effects, today’s luxury homes are more and more incorporating voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home, which can tell you pretty much anything from tomorrow’s weather, recommendations of all kinds, or just your favorite song when that’s all you need to make it right.


  1. Mixed metal

Mixed metal is hot right now. Whether you’re going for chrome or antique brass, the key is not to stick to one, but to mix them up. They say variety is the spice of life and we totally agree.


  1. Pools with infinity edges

Swim up to the horizon, that pretty much sums it up. At sunrise, during the day, sunset, or even at night, peering into the expanses whether they be the sea, plains, or mountains, offers a feeling of calm only available to the lucky some.


  1. Open kitchens

Home dinners waited upon by servants still exist, but more and more they’re becoming a thing of the past, mostly due to practical reasons. A direct response to this has been the development of luxurious open kitchens, where guests can see their hosts showing off their cooking skills or at least presentation skills (if they ordered in). All set in a majestic kitchen, which instead feels more like a beautiful living room, which is “food functional.”


  1. Recreation spaces 

Recreation is more and more in demand in-house at a grander scale. Forget the ping pong tables, pool tables, or even the basketball courts. These days, we’re talking about ice-hockey rinks, BMX courses, regulation-size soccer fields, and even surf simulators, just in case the waves at the beach are not good that day.


  1. Peace be with you

The world today is moving faster than ever. And although one might try hard to slow down or even stop, it’s easier if we have something to help us for that, right at home. This could be a library, meditation studio, or even a spa.


  1. Oversized showers

Showers are where many start and finish their day. They are escapes, oases. It’s only reasonable that we would want to enhance this feeling by expanding the space for greater freedom of thought and movement, while getting ready to take on the world.


  1. Security first

With the onset of such rapid advances in technology; home security is right there at the forefront. From safe rooms with oxygen scrubbers and bomb-proof windows, all the way to pepper spraying devices that debilitate intruders.

They say that the world is a more dangerous place, but it’s safe to say (pun intended) that luxury homes are now safer than ever.