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Creating Intimate Spaces

Employee Perspective, Design

Every couple needs a space in their home that allows them the privacy and peace they need to deepen their relationship and enjoy private movements. As an architect, I've designed many homes with specific spaces meant to be intimate in nature. From defining small scale areas for quiet moments to designing entire rooms for exclusive experiences, I’ve outlined some of my favorite ways to create intimate spaces within homes.

Ultimate Master Suite

A master bedroom is one of the most private, intimate spaces in your home. Although the idea of high ceilings in your bedroom may seem like a luxury, at times it can feel too cavernous. Create more drama from the high ceiling by visually lowering it using decorating techniques, such as coffers or beams. Additionally, establishing a smaller collection of areas within the suite such as a kitchenette, cozy sitting area, and a terrace can be a luxury and convenience when placed in your private quarters.

Secluded Spa

Beyond its health and wellness benefits, having an in-home spa is the ultimate escape for couples. In the comfort of your own home, you can unwind through an indoor or outdoor spa bath, just keep in mind the placement should come down to your personal preferences.  Indoor spas offer more privacy and are easier to maintain, while, outdoor spas offer the chance to connect with nature, especially if there are views to enjoy. By designing your spa with privacy walls and natural materials, a more secluded environment can be created outside.

Clear Divide

Many homeowners today want an open floor plan to provide ample space for entertaining. However, despite the popularity of this style, large rooms can lack the intimate feeling that people crave in their homes – particularly for romantic and quiet moments.  A glass partition makes room division simple, without starving the space of light or compromising the open feel. Decorative, at half or full height, framed or barely visible, a glass partition can work in every environment to zone off an area.

Mood Lighting

When creating an intimate atmosphere, designers will make use of indirect accent lighting or dimmer switches to achieve a softer ambiance.  For a relaxed setting, fireplaces are great ambient option for lighting and warming up a space – both literally and figuratively. With their soft glow, fireplaces can make any space feel inviting and soothing. One can even enjoy a fireplace outdoors, under the moonlight, to also experience the benefits of the open-air environment.

Quiet Courtyards

For those longing for a private sanctuary, courtyards are often used by architects to create a secret enclave. These quiet spaces can be sited within the center of a home or in the backyard with a beautiful view of the ocean. With the right lighting design, these garden settings can become a very romantic space in your home to grab a little bit of peace from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

A little creativity can go a long way when transforming your home into a warm and intimate place to live regardless of floorplans or decorating preferences. Achieving the ideal intimate space in your home that fits your personality and lifestyle often comes down to establishing both trust and understanding with your architect.


Written By: Carina Harney-Rogerson, OBMI Managing Director, Antigua