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Home Is Where The Art Is

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When it comes to interior design, many of our clients insist on purchasing local art or art which holds significance to their heritage. This is great because it adds a local touch and character to the home. To begin the process, we first go through the spaces in their home that will best showcase works of art and introduce them to the beautiful local art galleries.

The criteria for selecting the artworks begin with the client’s style. Based on this, we introduce the client to various artists, so a decision can be reached, which is always very personal. Size and color are paramount. One large piece alone can set the tone of a room.

Right now, the trend is simplicity. The bells and whistles are pretty much gone. Clients want their homes to be a getaway and this means from everything. They want to make sure everyone knows how to turn the lights on and off without any trouble. We’re getting back to that feeling of the mid-80s when nobody locked their door and hopefully, this renewed sense of trust is here to stay, with its aura of peace and tranquility. Art now more than ever, is important when designing spaces. It brings pleasure and a personal statement to interiors, making them yours.

For the well-known Longtail House, Melissa Woods, interior designer at OBMI, emphasized that the artwork in the home’s atrium makes that area a very special place for the homeowners, as they transition through the home’s hub on a daily basis. The design of the atrium owns an understated simplicity that allows the artwork to be the star of the party. Prominently featured is a large plate sculpture which adorns the wall, a recent acquisition by the owners, bought just prior to construction. It was specifically purchased with their Longtail House in mind. “It speaks to the client’s heritage and the aesthetics of the home,” explained Woods.

As a result of Longtail’s interior design, Woods was recently recognized by The Bermudian Magazine with the award of 2018 Residential Interior Design Winner. The interior design combined classic, rustic, and modern styles, culminating in a casual and inviting interior of simple elegance, designed for the long haul. The judges especially enjoyed the artworks selected for the home and how these suited each space perfectly, providing an eclectic mix and an intriguing dynamic to the home.