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Home Decor Trends for Fall


by: Roberto Aybar, Senior Designer

Bring the Outdoors In with Living Green Walls

Besides being beautiful with timeless textures and colors and purifying the air, living green walls bring the outdoors in when the weather keeps you inside. This fall use indoor planters and indoor living wall kits to keep your home green all year round. Just remember, the most important aspect is that the plants are appropriate to the available natural light where you will have them. Want to enhance your relaxation after a long day? Living green walls next to the bathtub and through your home’s corridors can further improve your peace of mind.

Give Your Mood a Lift with Uplighting

As the days shorten so does the availability of natural light; therefore, we must turn to indoor lighting to create the perfect ambiance and keep our spirit up. Uplighting is a great way to bright indirect light into your home and uplift your mood during the dark of winter. Uplighting makes you notice and can create beautiful shadows, lighting interiors in playful ways. It can enhance wall textures and soothingly brighten up dark spaces such as stairs or corners. Uplighting is especially suited for highlighting your living green walls, indoor plants, columns, and other vertical elements.

Cuddle Up in Your Cozy Daybeds

The daybed craze is moving indoors as fall sets in. As the days are getting short, it’s a perfect time to spend more time in bed! Daybeds are a great way to encourage unwinding from the stresses of the day and are destined to move indoors continuing to beg us to slow down.

Exposed Wine Racks Make Great Conversation Starters

Who said wine is just for drinking? Exposed wine racks showcase famous producers, decorative bottles or classic vintages is an elegant way begging visitors to take a peek at your personal collection. Not only can you show off your good taste but exposed wines beckon conversations making them perfect dinner conversation with guests when temperatures move your dinner parties indoors.

 Making more Use of the Kitchen Table

Designers and clients are rethinking the traditional kitchen table. After all who hasn’t been forced to sit at the kitchen table doing their homework as a child. Now it is trendy to use the kitchen table as a space not just for dining but also for living! Gadgets are welcome in new communal tables with built-in outlets and USB connections.