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Hospitality Trend: Design as Stage Setting

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One hot hospitality trend and the best solutions we can design for our clients is to use design to set the stage for the guest experience, allowing for the location and the individual guest to shine. Every detail of a property has to be eloquently designed so that the guest can experience the destination without distraction. This is not to say that the design isn’t important, but rather than a property’s design must be the setting for the guest to be so comfortable they will allow themselves to be open to transformative experiences.

We are all feeling the effects of globalization and how it is changing our individual sense of identity which, subconsciously, urges us to seek out new ways of re-establishing our persona thru a process of collecting and collating a wealth of new valuable experiences. As a result, the new benchmark for a successful travel experience is how one’s life will be changed for the better following the trip. Designing for this experience begins with appropriately fitting the property within its surroundings, ensuring its footprint complements its context, rather than dominating its environment. Along with proper siting and design of the property, it is critical that the overall design both exterior and interior, pays an appropriate respect to the culture, heritage, and design aesthetic of the destination.

Hospitality design for the present and the future needs to ensure all of the amenities luxury travelers demand are intricately placed within the property without distracting from its character. Every detail must be responsive to the destination. This is done through design details and architectural accents expertly woven into a property, further enhanced by the property’s programming and community immersion activities. Several large luxury brands are taking note and offering their guests not just community access but cultural and historical programming and aspects of voluntourism that allows their guests to not only participate in the community but also to give back to it. These opportunities must seamlessly fold into the authenticity of the property.

As travelers continue to search for their new identities in our global environment travel will play an important role, allowing the individual to immerse themselves and be transformed by their travel, with the design being a critical component in setting the stage for transformational experiences.

by: Tim Peck, Chairman OBMI