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Classic Caribbean Design at Sugar Ridge Antigua

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If your plans for a Caribbean-design home call for unadulterated views, breaking traditional boundaries of indoor and outdoor living, and a home elegantly tucked into the natural environment, then Sugar Ridge Hotel & Residences in Antigua is the idyllic retreat you’ll never want to leave. Nestled into the sugarcane bordered hillside, the Sugar Ridge community was master planned and designed by Caribbean architects, OBM International (OBMI). Sugar Ridge is a purposefully designed enclave enhancing its native landscape in every detail, offering guests and residents a true island living experience.

Designed in “Classic Caribbean” style under the direction of Mitch Stuart, Sugar Ridge Villas incorporate all elements of site appropriate architectural design. Careful consideration was given to each villas' placement within the site, the steep slopes of the location, and access to the property without distracting from the design aesthetic. It’s the intimate knowledge of how the elements can coexist symbiotically with its environment that the architects brought to the project, using the natural environment to its advantage throughout the design process, drawing upon years of training and experience. Each villa's location capitalises on glamorous vistas of the Caribbean Sea and the verdant green hills of Sugar Ridge.

Natural elements are coupled with a deep understanding of building in the Caribbean to design a property that accommodates the changing impact of the sun throughout the day and the year, the prevailing trade winds, and Caribbean construction techniques and challenges. These elements were the inspiration that led to the Villas’ unique linked pavilion design. The design links a series of main pavilions with high Caribbean ceilings that allow the cooling tropical breezes to naturally ventilate the villa, with open, flat roofed corridors weaving the villa into its natural environment. The carefully considered design allows the property to meld into the landscape rather than impose upon it while also ensuring fantastic views from every angle. All while creating intimate spaces nestled together that appear to magically fade into their surroundings. The result is villas that leave nothing but the serenity of island living.

While inside the villas traditional barriers of indoor and outdoor living are broken allowing guests within the home to feels in touch with the natural environment in intimate ways. Achieved through the careful placement of large windows and doors the architect’s created the feeling of being naked to the Caribbean Sea and immersed into the lush Sugar Ridge foothills, all overlaid with a sense of peaceful seclusion.

Amenities access through the resort include two swimming pools, the island’s first-ever Aveda Concept Spa, salon, fitness centre, Pilates/yoga studio and shopping arcade. The Caribbean contemporary resort features 60 rooms that wrap around the property, each featuring panoramic views of palm-lined beaches and the turquoise Caribbean Sea, and neighbouring islands of Redonda, St. Kitts and Nevis authentic to the rich history of the region.