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Kitchen Redesign Makes Home Feel New

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Frustrated with their home’s kitchen, homeowners Lynn and Chris Brown, invited OBMI Interior Designer Michele Smith to discuss options to redesign their kitchen. The goal, to open it up to the rest of the home. During Michele’s visit, the Brown’s explained their frustration with the kitchen included its size, dim lighting, lack of flow between the living areas, and an underutilized entry adjoining it. During these initial conversations, Michele began problem-solving how to create a space that opened up the home making it appear brighter, bigger and better suit entertaining.

Michele took to the drawing room to conceptualize the plan she envisioned during these initial conversations. She designed a free-flowing space anchored in the kitchen that welcomed visitors into the home. After ensuring the home’s structural needs, Michele recommended tearing down the wall that is dividing the kitchen from the bright, but unused entryway. Michele set her plan into action creating architectural renderings of what the new space would become and presented it to the Browns. They loved it!

The renovations began, the wall came down, and suddenly the dark, cramped kitchen opened into one central space, flooded with natural light and accessible throughout the home. Mrs. Brown’s dream of having a huge kitchen was well on its way!

Michele knew there was more she could do to transform this space! She seized the opportunity to include the currently underutilized dining into the home’s new open floorplan by reversing the dining and living rooms. This change brought the dining and kitchen areas to the same level keeping movement flowing while the Brown’s entertained. Michele also knew reversing the rooms provided an opportunity to create a wonderful living area in the former dining room. The room, surrounded by windows, now boasts luxurious seating and natural light is a tranquil Bermudian oasis.

Six short weeks later and the Brown’s felt they not only had a new kitchen but a whole new house!

“Under Michele Smith’s influence, we transformed our kitchen into an open, bright space for entertaining our friends and family and a space that works so much better than we could ever imagine.”

Value added to the project

  -  The kitchen’s redesign was 6 weeks from start to finish

  -  3D renderings illustrated layout, color separations, and movement through space

  -  Existing cabinets were used resulting in time and cost savings

  -  Extra cabinets were repurposed for office and garage storage

  -  An amazing 19ft island was used as an accent piece through hand-selected, seamless granite bringing contrast and interest to the room

  -  Mrs. Brown’s character was reflected through a color scheme complementing her home’s other decorative elements