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OBMI Completes Rethought Bermudian Style Longtail House


OBMI recently completed their holistic residential Longtail House project, which involved master planning, landscape, interior design, and architecture. Set on a 2-acre property with stunning views of the sea, construction began in June 2014 and by June 2016, the owners moved into their new abode; designed to be a legacy and space where great family memories could be created.

A modern home wrapped in the classic Bermudian style, it’s comprised of 4 bedrooms with in-suite bathrooms including a master suite and a guest apartment. A Great Room combines all family social activity in one space, with an incorporated living room, dining room, and kitchen. Close by is the Library-Music Room, Media Room, Home Office, back of house kitchen support and laundry. Below the Great Room are the Game Room and the wine cellar, which can be observed from above through a glass floor. There is a large garage for vehicles and various sporting items. At the front of the house, overlooking the ocean is the infinity pool, spa, and gardens with endemic shoreline plants.

The previous house on the property site was carefully disassembled and recycled as exemplified by the existing cedar wood floors, which were repurposed as entrance ceilings. Even garden plants were recycled where possible. The biggest challenge was during excavation. With a lot of hard rock present, it took several weeks to cut through. Once the foundation level was achieved, all work went smoothly. The house has a strong emphasis on respecting and nurturing the environment, with igloo nests situated at the edge of the cliffs for Longtail seabirds to repose. The layout was set so as to maximize the best sun orientation for the solar panels and for natural cooling from the offshore breezes to occur.

Indoors, OBMI interior designer Melissa Woods worked with the client to achieve a balance between a highly practical yet beautiful home. The result was a casual and inviting interior, with a Scandinavian Design influence.

In the end, Longtail has a simple elegance that is both functional and not overstated, making it a wonderful family home to grow in, for many years and trade winds to come.