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OBMI Designing Private Island Escape Hawkins Island

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OBMI is currently designing a custom high-end private island vacation escape, with a quaint max capacity of 20 guests. With the first phase having just been completed, the island encompasses 25 acres of rugged natural landscape, surrounded by an azure sea overlooking the Great Sound and harbor islands.

The guest residential hotel units are modern Bermuda Style, fitting naturally into the environmental fabric of the island, with high ceilings, elegant changing rooms and bathrooms, and private spaces bathed in soft light. Units feature plunge pools for refreshment, ideal after a full day of vacation activities. The bathroom area transitions to an exterior garden, revealing a discreet, almost secret personal shower space. A veranda wraps around the exterior, providing a pleasant entertainment space, with beautiful views of the land, sky, and sea.

The residential hotel units will be supported by the Great House, located at the top of the hill, which will service guests with food and beverage, spa, pools, libraries, and entertainment options. It will also hold a concierge facility for the island and off-the-island activities. A bar is planned for the north peninsula along with beach facilities and a small conference area and meeting rooms are forecast for the current dock locations.

At the roof level is an outdoor group lounge with a fireplace for the cool starry nights, complete with a barbecue, preparation area, and dining area; a roofless room really.

The interior of the suites has a beach resort feel. OBMI interior design team, Vanessa Bean, and Michele Smith created a design and layout with warm finishes and textures for a timeless and calming experience. Each custom bedroom suite and lofts offer complete privacy, providing a tropical Zen-like experience. The open washrooms to the exterior shower and hot tub have views of the ocean for an ideal beginning or end of the day. Topping it off, wooded trails were created for guests, so they can have points of reference when exploring the island.

Hawkins Island is a luxurious yet grounded escape, ideal for couples, families, or even a group of friends who wish for both relaxation and island life activities combined.