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OBMI Helps Rebuild BVI New West End Terminal

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Premier Hon. Dr. D. Orlando Smith met with and accepted an offer from OBMI, who offered its design services for the reconstruction of both the West End Ferry Terminal and a warehouse at the Port Purcell cargo facility. Both structures were severely damaged during the passage of Hurricane Irma and now require complete rebuilding. The announcement was made January 1st.

“I believe that this demonstrates OBMI’s commitment to being part of the Virgin Islands and helping us to rebuild,” Premier Smith said. This was further reinforced by the words of Marvin Flax Jr., OBMI BVI Managing Director, “This year marks 50 years since we’ve been doing business in the BVI and over the years have become woven into the community’s fabric. As a company, we want to actively participate in the rebuilding efforts. We’re proud to donate our time and resources to staff across all our offices, to work on these key projects that will be instrumental in moving our community forward. It’s also an opportunity to help shape the design to have both beautiful and functional public spaces. Many people look at our islands now and might just see destruction, but at OBMI we see a unique opportunity to help rebuild the Virgin Islands with resiliency in mind.”

Alfred Henley, Acting Managing Director of BVI Ports Authority (BVIPA) said the agency eagerly welcomes the support, adding, “We are very excited about OBMI’s design for both facilities and this really is an opportune time for us at BVIPA to continue the modernization of our facilities. We cannot thank OBMI enough, and I am looking forward to seeing their designs.”

About 750 nautical miles distance from the BVI, the Bermuda yachting community will benefit greatly from the reconstruction efforts, since passenger arrival and departure halls, customs and immigration facilities, and ferry ticketing offices are also provided at the West End Terminal.