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Oil Nut Bay Development Booming

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A strong wave of new development is happening in the British Virgin Islands, one such thriving location is Oil Nut Bay on Virgin Gorda. Stepping foot on the dock at Oil Nut Bay you will quickly realize that the community is booming with expansion. With numerous projects in early design stages, many others have recently been completed making the first half of 2018 very been busy for the luxury resort and residential community. OBM International is a part of many of these efforts and helping to define the architectural vision of Oil Nut Bay for the next stage of development.

Together, Oil Nut Bay and OBMI have recently completed the construction of two luxury homes including the Carlin Villa with an incredible hilltop lot with spectacular views of both the ocean and the sound. This astonishing site called for a unique home with floor-to-ceiling windows that open to let the spectacular views into the contemporary interiors, and complete with a plunge pool that seemingly falls off the hilltop into the sea. Villa Infinity was also recently completed, is an impressive four-bedroom villa measuring over 5,700 square feet that symbolize luxurious Caribbean living. Nestled into the hillside, the estate offers a stunning wraparound outdoor terrace that takes advantage of the dramatic cliff views and features a full-size infinity pool.

Two homes are currently under construction include one villa that is on the steepest site in Oil Nut Bay, Villa iMaronti. The location affords a private villa with fantastic views and the feeling of complete secrecy from the rest of the island. This spectacular site demanded a bespoke home that felt as if it was nestled into the cliff for the luxury of privacy. The site was also the inspiration for its floating design, utilizing the slopes of the site to design that home so that it appears to float within the natural vegetation that will grow along the foundation of the house. The Reefside Villa is under construction with a design boasting a cantilevered design making portions of the villa appear to be suspended from the air. The fantastic villa boasts six bedrooms, a huge infinity edge pool, wrap-around terrace, and a private beach area. The villa is nestled within its rocky perch working with its natural elements throughout the entire design, in fact, becoming a significant component to it, including allowing the pool to be perched over the site through an engineered cantilevered design.

Several private residences and villas are also in various planning, design and construction phases. Three new homes are being designed with an innovative, more contemporary architectural vernacular that will complement the community’s existing villas while adding depth and diversity to Oil Nut Bay’s style. Architectural styling is sure to get more dramatic and exciting as new villas are being designed.

A year following the devastating hurricanes of 2017 one can see the resilience in the BVI people and the desire for tourists to make the BVI their home away from home as can be evidenced by the tremendous development at Oil Nut Bay. The community continues to draw luxury seekers from around the world and shows no sign of construction slowing down. So next time you’re cruising the waterways near Virgin Gorda take a look at the development of these amazing villas at Oil Nut Bay.

by: James McDonald, Senior Designer

Original Source: Virgin Islands Property & Yacht