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Supreme Luxury Calls for Authentic Experiences

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Luxury travelers are seeking new and unique experiences, and the hotels providing the most memorable, authentic experiences are reigning supreme. Guests want to learn and understand the culture and the history of the places they visit. They want to experience it like a local, or more appropriately, a very wealthy local. Although there will always be must-see tourist spots that will drive guests to venture off property, hotels can also provide authentic and local experiences.

How do the award-winning properties embrace local surroundings, while offering an unparalleled commitment to the finest experience on every possible level? It starts with capturing the essence of the destination with incredible design and an enormous attention to architectural detail.

The development of an authentic travel experience requires designers to immerse themselves in the culture and environment of the particular destination. From their findings, unique local amenities and cultural programs can be created that are distinctively different and localized for guests to discover and enjoy signature experiences.

At Capella Marigot Bay Resort and Hotel, OBMI was inspired by the Caribbean’s Colonial Era rum distilleries and created the architecture of the Rum Cave with an authentic cellar design that provides the perfect setting for the most essential of island spirits. Guests can savor the taste of fine regional rums and cigars while watching mega-yachts dock in the marina.

The interior design and decor of the Rum Cave allow guest to dine in an ambience of intimacy and sophistication. Patrons mingle over appetizers and light bites with a handcrafted wood trolley on display, laden with the day’s premium selection of specialty rums. Select rum tastings and blending sessions offer novices and connoisseurs, alike, the opportunity to expand their knowledge in an entertaining and informal Saint Lucian dining setting.