Our Paradise Is Not Lost

It's an unfortunate fact that occasionally our Caribbean paradise needs to be rebuilt - stronger and better than ever - following natural disasters. Although we all know it's a part of living in paradise the process is frequently stressful, costly and confusing. But as your neighbours, friends and local architects we're here to help when you're ready. We have assembled the resources to help our Caribbean community to get started on the path to recovering and rebuilding for success.


The first step in the process is carrying out a damage assessment of your property to provide to your insurer.

Damage assessments include a site inspection of the property and grounds, and extensive photographic records. Following the damage assessment a written report summarizing damage and the necessary work required to bring the property back up to the pre-hurricane standard is completed.

OBMI works with leading Caribbean surveyors, Blue Point Consultants (MRICS) to prepare a cost estimate for the necessary remedial works. Together the Damage Assessment Reports provide the information insurers need and can be submitted to the appropriate insurance company.

Damage assessment work is typically completed within one week and will be billed hourly with an anticipated 3-5 hours of billable time. For more information please complete the form to the right so that we may contact you.


Either in parallel with this work, or once the report is submitted, we are available to assist you in planning your remedial works or incorporate any changes/upgrades that may arise to help your property improve its resiliency.

This can be billed at an hourly rate as part of this agreement or, once the scope is defined the project can move to a fixed fee.

When you’re ready so are we, contact us so that we can sit with you to design your remedial and upgrade plan.

I find everything about the BVI to be inspiring. From the beautiful rolling green hills to the crystal blue waters and the sandy beaches, all of the BVI can inspire creativity in my architectural design, particularly as they reflect upon, and weave into the BVI’s natural beauty.

Marvin Flax, BVI Managing Director

property owner resources

AIA Hurricane Assistance

The American Institute of Architects have resources and guidelines available to help with hurricane preparation and recovery. ­Contact your local architect to see how they can help or ­Learn More Here.

Short Term Customs Relief

The government has moved to implement a short term customs relief and remission for certain items to aid in Hurricane recovery until December 21st, 2017. Learn More

Tips & Contact Information for Local Insurance Agencies

Working with your insurance provider is critical during the recovery process. To get you started, we have some claims tips and contact information for local insurers. Learn More

Landscape Design for Hurricane Preparedness

Using the environment and landscape design is a smart, effective, and natural way to reduce hurricane damage for moderate storms. Learn More from OBMI Landscape designer, Jennifer Davidson.

Generator Safety

While a portable generator can solve some of the stress of managing a storm’s aftermath, consumers need to operate them with caution to prevent potentially fatal risks. The American Red Cross provides tips for safe generator use. Learn More

Cost Estimating Services

OBMI is working with Caribbean cost consultants Blue Point consultants to help you determine the cost of hiring an architect, construction firm, project manager, and estimate building costs so that you can coordinate with your insurance company to repair and rebuild. Learn More

Solar Energy

It’s time to implement long term solar power solutions. Companies like aTec energy solutions and Alternative Energy Systems are committed to reducing disruption and suffering by providing residences and businesses with independent, stand-alone power production that create clean, reliable and renewable energy. Learn More