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OBMI Wins Festival of the Trees Most Illuminating Award

For the 32nd annual Festival of the Trees fundraising event hosted by Florida International University OBMI's team of designers were awarded 'Most Illuminating' tree for the original sculpture "Through the Lens." The OBMI team was led by Kevin Tenor and fellow designers Andres Osorio, Diana Duran, Doug Kulig, James McDonald, Luis Marenco, Luisa Aub, and Oscar Barnes provided vision, strategy, and craftsmanship to make the work of art a success.

Each year the design community supports Florida International University’s Interior Architecture Department, ranked #9 in the nation, at the Festival of the Trees. The “trees” are conceived and created by leading designers and design firms, and auctioned at the event. This holiday extravaganza has raised more than $350,000 in funds that directly benefit interior architecture students. Each tree is underwritten by generous sponsors. The trees are first displayed and then auctioned at the gala opening, which was attended by more than 900 guests in 2017.

In keeping with the spirit of the Festival of the Trees, the point of departure for the design must be representative of the holiday spirit, but does not have to be a tree. This year, designers were asked to address the theme of “Connecting the Dots: Design, People and Places.”

After months of planning and production, the 'Through the Lens' sculpture was unveiled to the guests of the 2018 Festival of the Trees through an arrangement of 15 plexiglass square panels all laser etched to display the various perspectives of a fragmented collage of Miami's most iconic structures illuminated by a wooden base outfitted with LED light fixtures.

OBMI's concept for 'Through The Lens' was centered on the idea that architecture is meant to be experienced, and by virtue of human nature, each person will choose how to do that differently. Whether foreseen or not, built environments can lead to a spectrum of experiences that root us in time and place. In Miami, the contrasting architectural styles of the cityscape adds to the city’s robust cultural scene. The iconic buildings are as diverse as the residents who inhabit them, revealing layers of perspectives and interactions.

'Through the Lens' invites you to experience the architectural footprint of Miami through a compilation of the city's most iconic buildings. Utilizing individual elements to make-up the architectural skyline, 'Through the Lens' creates a pulsating experience for the viewer establishing a personal connection to the spaces that encompass that individual and image.

Much of a city's fabric is experienced from a multitude of angles, 'Through the Lens' is meant to be viewed in 360 degrees. In this piece, the viewer's experience is dependent upon the perspective one has of the deconstructive nature of the piece-shaping and framing of Miami through the individual prisms.


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