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New Perspectives for Architectural Design to Support the Hospitality Industry

OBMI Senior Hospitality Designer released a special report for hospitality and travel sectors on design considerations to support hotels as they begin re-opening following COVID-19.

Miami, FL (August 26, 2020) – OBM International (OBMI) recently released a special report entitled 'Beyond COVID-19' written by Associate Lead Designer, Giovanni Medina, detailing vital considerations to combat exposure of threatening viruses in public environments and key design solutions for the hospitality and travel sector for the benefit of patrons and operational teams alike.

As many hotels around the globe begin to reopen with unprecedented exposure to virus-related risks, operators and developers look for guidance for essential measures to operate safely and attract guests to their property. As outlined in Mr. Medina’s report “Beyond COVID-19” there are critical concepts to evaluate and improve to create a fortified environment for the public. As the travel and hospitality industry thrives on serving visitors in high volume, the report considers new perspectives and design strategies that will help evolve improved air quality and sanitization methods, as well as reimaging the guest and staff journey, to meet the realities of today and tomorrow’s public health needs and the preferences of guests.

While COVID-19 has caused great distress in the hospitality and tourism industry, it has simultaneously created opportunities for innovation. In the report, readers can learn solutions gathered from the healthcare industry, NASA scientists, and Columbia University, to name a few. The ideas presented in the report outline where improvements in hotels' meeting spaces, lobbies, guest rooms, and food and beverage outlets can evolve to meet the realities of public health as well as with the preferences of guests.

"The global pandemic halted travel in the short term, but its effects are going to last into the foreseeable future," said Giovanni Medina, OBMI Associate Lead Designer. "As hotel designers and architects, we are always looking for ways to innovate and introduce new concepts to meet the constantly evolving needs of guests. Now more than ever, it's our responsibility to solve some of the challenges stemming from the pandemic so that guests feel safe, while also continuing to elevate convenience and the overall guest experience."

The report ‘Beyond COVID-19’ is available for download through OBMI’s website:

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