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OBMI Director of Human Resources to Participate in HR Roundtable


HR experts share the ins-and-outs of their ever-changing industry

Human resource executives from varying industries in South Florida gathered for a panel on the changing world of HR. Today’s human resources executives handle recruitment, onboarding, training, and developing employees while staying on top of the latest regulatory changes impacting workers.

OBMI Director of HR, Tatiana Milan, joined the discussion, which touched on the different challenges facing the profession, including how to attract, hire, onboard, and train the right candidates, and how technology and regulatory challenges impact their companies. The experts also shared the effective strategies they employ to ensure their companies are well-positioned for continued success.

Milan discussed how she’s received feedback that some companies have an interview process that is too bureaucratic and too long. “In our case, we can’t afford that. Our interview process is strategic,” Milan said. “I try to make it concise and efficient not only for our company but for the candidate as well.” Companies that check for cultural fit, screen applicants efficiently, and don’t prolong the hiring process too much, will ultimately win in the hiring game, the experts said.