Antigua Tourism Plan


Growing the Local Tourism Economy

Tourism is a significant driver of Antigua’s economy, and with OBMI’s long history of hospitality design, we have grown a reputation for expert knowledge. Given that sustainable development is so fundamental to every project we undertake, we are also trusted consultants who consider the long view. So when Antigua and Barbuda’s government decided to implement a Sustainable Tourism Development Plan, they requested our participation.

OBMI’s plan heightened the country’s brand awareness and increased its value, bringing tremendous interest and new development to the island. As a result, Antigua and Barbuda have become a strong competitor in the Caribbean travel market, attracting greater numbers of tourists and prospective real estate investors. Following that plan’s inception:

  • Tourism expenditures have increased 102% since 2013
  • Tourism expenditures have increased 1.7 times since 2009
  • Hotel & restaurant contributions to GDP have grown each year, reaching current levels of 14.7%
  • Four of seven sites that were identified, master-planned, and concept designed in the plan are currently in development stages
  • Over $1.1 billion in new and re-development tourism projects have launched, including the much anticipated Half Moon Bay

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