Bermuda City Hall


An Iconic Architectural Symbol in the Heart of Hamilton 

Ushering in a new wave of development and creating a new Bermudian architectural vernacular, Bermuda City Hall was designed by OBM International’s founder, Wil Onions. Onions was inspired by a great appreciation of Bermuda’s centuries-old indigenous architectural styling which he added additional styles to create what has now become a symbol of the island-nation. His design for Bermuda City Hall was based on the traditional Bermuda cottage. Built of Bermuda limestone block, City Hall is the last large building to make extensive use of native Bermuda cedar, which was becoming rare in the late 1950’s when construction for City Hall began. Today, the East Wing of City Hall is home to The Corporation of Hamilton. The foyer provides access to the Corporation’s Administrative Offices, City Hall Theatre, The Bermuda National Gallery and the Bermuda Society of Arts Gallery. Having been updated by OBMI several times since its original construction, the building continues to stand as a historical monument for the island of Bermuda and is the island’s most significant example of responsible design and colonial architecture and elegance.

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