Hermitage Bay Resort


An Eco-Chic Resort Nestled Into the Tropical Landscape

The architecture of this environmentally sensitive resort was to be focused on blending into the natural beauty of the landscape rather than sitting on top of it. The owner, Andy Thesen, worked with the OBMI design team on his vision of this boutique resort that would attract a discerning clientele who appreciate the utmost of luxury in a natural surrounding. The resort is a naturally stunning design that leaves a minimum footprint, blissfully unspoiling the remarkably peaceful destination while expressing Antigua’s authentic heritage.

The design features 25 individual, elegant cottages delicately landscaped into the natural beauty of Hermitage Bay’s perfect bay and hillside of tropical gardens. Each spacious, shingle-roofed suite captures the old-world charm of the island’s colonial past, yet boasts all the amenities of a modern-day, luxury resort. Eight villas front the beach, purposefully set back to respect the sensitive seashore yet featuring large patios and verandas looking unto the bay. The hillside villas are luxuriously private, tucked into the hillside’s lush greenery.

The villas are constructed from purpleheart, greenheart, and other woods from sustainably managed forests in Guyana while their interiors featuring creamy white walls and pristine white linens offset the woods rich hues resulting in a design of elegant natural ambience perfect for peace and relaxation.

Each villa features passive design principles which use natural ventilation through the placement of doors and windows to capture the tropical trade breezes flowing in from the bay, naturally keeping the indoor climate comfortable which providing a seamless integration to the natural environment. Villas boast outdoor showers further extending the outdoor experience, grounding the user to its surroundings and offering the utmost in modern bathing luxuries while plunge pools refresh the body and mind in a fun and playful atmosphere.

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120,000 sq.ft.


25 Individual Cottages
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