Jungle Bay Luxury Eco Villas


Redefining Luxury Eco Villas

Jungle Bay has found a new home in Dominica for their luxury eco villas. OBMI was trusted to create an eco-friendly hotel master plan and architectural design to help the resort make a triumphant return. The resort’s owner, Sam Raphael, asked for a design that would retain the original property’s unique character and connection to nature. OBMI aided Raphael in the search for an elevated location that would mitigate potential storm damage, while still placing guests in harmony with the natural environment. The new eco villa resort site sits on a plateau overlooking Soufriere Bay to provide an ideal siting for a larger, more luxurious Jungle Bay. The site’s elevated location can help mitigate against future natural disasters as well as provide the perfect vantage of the surrounding lush tropical environment and Caribbean Sea.

OBMI designed the property to be rebranded as Jungle Bay Luxury Eco Villas, an eco-resort that includes duplex-style villas, along with spa and wellness areas, yoga pavilions, a health food restaurant and a dedicated garden space. The architecture features local stone to blend the villas into the environment and provide a more secure structure.  The villas will be decidedly more luxurious than the earlier incarnation of Jungle Bay, though the commitment to sustainability will remain the same. The property is planned to be 100 percent sustainable, from the addition of solar panels to a gravity water feed for water collection.

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