Menagerie Residence


A Residence Where the Classic Meets the Exotic

Although this private residence features elements of classic Bermuda style, OBMI gave it mixed character, blending contemporary and traditional design to make it truly one of a kind. Its name has been inspired from the exotic experiences that unfold within the home.

We created the staircase to be a showpiece; Iriko wood steps seem to float in the sunlight that floods the double-height ceiling space from the trio of operable windows. Above, open dark wood rafters evoke a ceiling reminiscent of the traditional Bermuda vernacular. We custom-designed a cedar front door to echo the existing windows in the living room, reiterating the superb quality and rich design. The result is more than a home; it alludes to a place-making experience.

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1,600 sq.ft.


Master bedroom with ensuite2
Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms
KitchenArt Studio
Powder Room


Interior Design


Private Residence