Morocco Tourism Plan


A Morocco Tourism Plan Focused on Sustainable Coastal Development

OBMI master planners and tourism consultants developed the Morocco Tourism Plan for the Government of Morocco to grow and diversify its tourism industry with the objective of Morocco becoming one of the top twenty tourism destinations worldwide. Sponsored by the World Bank Group, this project aims to grow the economy’s tourism sector by identifying specific sites with the highest potential for integrated and sustainable development of coastal sites in the Moroccan context. It also creates a general framework for sustainable and desirable development patterns to attract private investors and revitalize the area.

We presented the Morocco Tourism Plan that reflects the area’s rich history and respects the sites’ proximity to the towns of Diabat and Essaouira. We identified specific opportunities to create travel-supported facilities, including resorts and hotels, as well as community attractions that celebrate the unique environment and culture.

Our sustainable coastal  tourism plan promotes all categories, including coastal destinations, bringing high standards to new and existing resorts along the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. A focus on cultural tourism recommends rebuilding medinas and restoring heritage sites, drawing visitors to historic cities and towns. Desert and mountain tourism promotes outdoor sports and leisure, as well as local handicrafts and traditions. Both diversified and tactfully planned, the Morocco Tourism Plan will draw a varied demographic and new visitors seeking transformative experiences.

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