Bermuda Tourism Plan


A National Tourism Plan for the People

OBMI partnered with T&L Europraxis to re-ignite the tourism sector of Bermuda’s economy by developing a National Tourism Plan. After conducting extensive research and analysis of the supply, demand, competition, and governance over a period of six months, we presented a series of recommendations to the Government of Bermuda. Our holistic approach reviewed the island’s proposed tourism plan for its social value, environmental importance, and economic structure.

A key component of long-term success is stakeholder engagement, so we proposed a national tourism plan that was for the people and by the people—inclusive of the residents and business owners directly affected by the industry. It highlighted the country’s natural characteristics and fostered discovery of the heritage, charm, and culture unique to Bermuda. Guided by this vision, we created a sustainable approach to product development. The strategy, which includes providing communication and engagement of residents and final action plans combine to produce an economically sustainable guide to the tourism development of the 21 square mile island of Bermuda.

Direct Results of the National Tourism Plan:

  • Creation of Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA)
  • Encouragement of Entrepreneurship in Tourism (BTA now has a grants program)
  • Successful ongoing development of new hotels on sites and in areas detailed within the National Tourism Plan
  • Increased focus on sports and other activities to increase shoulder-season visibility
  • Increased focus on off-shore tourism hub

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Government of Bermuda - Ministry of Business Development & Tourism, Department of Tourism