Oil Nut Bay Marina Village

British Virgin Islands

Commissioned to design a social retreat for the discerning traveler seeking to unwind in the North Sound, OBMI created the master plan and architecture to support the exciting metamorphosis of Oil Nut Bay Marina and Deep Bay as a whole.  Through elegant and experience-focused design solutions, OBMI devised a multifaceted, luxury destination for Oil Nut Bay’s new Marina Village.

As a culinary and retail hive of activity for owners, guests and the public to enjoy, The Marina Village at Oil Nut Bay features new amenities such as an L-shaped leisure pool, waterfront dining, and bar, outdoor gaming area, catamaran-style trapeze nets over the turquoise waters, artisanal coffee bar, provisioning store, carefully curated boutiques and a decadent library. The design is a contemporary take on classic Caribbean architecture with several indoor-outdoor spaces utilizing passive design strategies to make of the most of the island’s tradewinds and unparalleled physical beauty. With resilience in mind, OBMI worked with structural engineers CSE to ensure the buildings could withstand category 5 storms allowing guests to feel secure during their stay and enjoy the destination for years to come.

Dedicated to providing a stylish and enjoyable arrival experience, designers expanded the state-of-the-art marina to hold 93 berths and added The Helipad which accommodates up to two twin-engine helicopters. Working with the Meridian Construction Company, OBMI’s design of the new docks will offer secure alongside mooring accommodating yachts up to 40 meters and a draft of up to 2.4 meters. The Helipad also doubles as a protective break-wall for yachts in the marina and provides easy access to the Oil Nut Bay community via helicopter.

The Marina Village at Oil Nut Bay realizes the vision for a destination that delivers an authentic, environmentally responsible and memorable experience for all who visit the luxury resort community.

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