St Lucia Tourism Plan

St Lucia

Sustainable Tourism Plan Gives Island Competitive Edge

With OBMI’s expertise in hospitality architecture, regional master planning, destination creation, and sustainable architecture, the island of St. Lucia sought our advice on developing their sustainable tourism plan. Under the direction of the World Bank and the Government of St. Lucia, as well as collaborating with T&L Europraxis, OBMI developed a tourism competitive assessment and benchmarking report to compare the country’s tourism efforts and opportunities to five competitive island destinations.

OBMI master planners and tourism consultants evaluated the country for infrastructure, resource management, sustainability, transportation, and calibre of tourism product. Then, guided by the three pillars of sustainability, we devised a plan to advance tourism, relative to its competitive set, in terms of the economic viability, social equity, and environmental preservation. We identified the flagship tourism projects as well as key opportunities for investment, branding, and positioning. By developing human resource strategies, we made the tourism sector more sustainable and increased the island’s global competitiveness. Finally, we provided avenues for St. Lucia to identify areas for improvement, specifically in regards to infrastructure and tourism themes to consider. The positive impacts from the St. Lucia Sustainable Tourism Plan will bring ensure viable, long-term economic operations to bring success for the community as a whole and achieve substantial long-term benefits.

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