Steele Point Residence

British Virgin Islands

Retaining Integrity in a Restoration and Modernization

Named after the gorgeous peninsula upon which it rests, this remarkable home is located on the westernmost tip of Tortola and surrounded by spectacular waters for sailing. Decades of exposure to coastal conditions had seriously taken their toll on the wood and steel structures, and the owners commissioned OBMI not just to restore it, but to completely modernize and improve it.

OBMI ensured that all work would retain the aesthetic integrity and rich character of this landmark property. The villa sits atop a 90-foot rocky headland offering a 360-degree panorama of ocean and islands, so our new design does complete justice to the unobstructed views of the sea below. We maximized the main house’s open, airy feeling, welcoming its owners and their guests with each arrival by immersing them in their stunning surroundings. The villa’s patios and courtyards create opportunities for privacy and social gathering, as desired. There are dining areas indoors and out, and the air-conditioned suites all have private bathrooms. A rare example of structural grace and ingenuity, the structure’s notable attributes have been celebrated in a variety of magazines, including Architectural Digest.

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