Wings Residence

British Virgin Islands

Design that Reflects Nature

This spectacular site offers a nearly 360-degree view from its hilltop above Oil Nut Bay. OBMI was commissioned to design a tropical paradise that would maximize those views while respecting the natural beauty of the island’s visual profile. Moreover, the clients expressed a preference for the home’s architectural design to include a natural theme, throughout the built structure and within it, to convey the environmentally rich character and beauty of the British Virgin Islands.

OBMI’s architectural design for the Wings Residence focused on wrapped the living spaces around the hillside, providing the residence with multiple perspectives. Entry is through a vast, vaulted outdoor living room, overlooking Eustatia Sound out to Necker Islands. The “whale watching” library orients south for observing the seasonal humpback migration. Guest cottages cascade down from the main house, becoming private retreats. The nature motif was inspired by a bougainvillea leaf that lead architect Doug Kulig noticed in his backyard. He imagined it as a structural element, and it became the concept for the roof of Wings—delighting the client by echoing the natural surroundings.

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1.03 acres


5 bedrooms
11 Pavilions
7 Pools
Landscaped Gardens