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Rosewood Tucker’s Point Awarded Green Globe Certification

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BERMUDA (May 15, 2012) – Rosewood Tucker’s Point® announced today that it has been certified by Green Globe, a world leader in the certification of sustainable travel and tourism businesses. Rosewood Tucker’s Point is the only Green Globe member in Bermuda and the first property to receive this prestigious accolade within Rosewood Hotels & Resorts®.

The certification process, which took Rosewood Tucker’s Point a little more than a year to obtain, requires properties to follow a rigorous collection of 337 compliance indicators applied to 41 individual criteria in areas of sustainable management, social/economic, cultural heritage, and environmental. Standards range from conserving resources to the incorporation of local culture, to employee training regarding their role in the management of environmental, sociocultural, health, and safety practices.

“We are proud to have been awarded Green Globe certification,” said Duncan Graham, Managing Director for Rosewood Tucker’s Point. “The Facilities Management Team and Green Team have worked extremely hard to meet the Green Globe certification standards and I would like to thank them for their efforts over the last 14 months. I would particularly like to recognize Kevin Lanthier who spearheaded the resort’s efforts to meet these standards and for his vision in suggesting that we register for this initiative.”

To complete the certification process, members undergo an independent on-site audit to ensure that their sustainability efforts have been thoroughly inspected. Fellow Bermudian Denaye Hinds, Director of Sustainability at OBM International and a Green Globe accredited auditor, audited the property in a weeklong visit in October. In late November, Ms. Hinds spent three days scrutinizing the property for every criterion in the Green Globe certification mandate.

However, this is not a one-time certification like many similar accolades. Green Globe membership, which is very rare to achieve, must undergo an audit every year in order to maintain the certification. “You have to continuously improve in order to hold the certification. It keeps companies accountable. In fact, only two hotels in the United States are members,” said Kevin Lanthier, Vice President, Facilities Management at Rosewood Tucker’s Point. “Green Globe holds you to task.”

Mr. Lanthier approached stakeholders in March 2011 and recommended that the resort apply for the Green Globe certification versus other leading accreditations because Green Globe does not have a cap on its ratings. “Other certifications do follow up, but once you reach the highest rating, you can’t go any further,” said Mr. Lanthier. “Green Globe was the way to go.”

Rosewood Tucker’s Point green initiatives include a wastewater treatment plant, solar hot water plant, seawater reverse osmosis plant, thermal solar hot water system (Bermuda’s largest installation to date), and the introduction of solar cars on the property.

“Every ounce of discharge water throughout the resort, including over 60 estate homes, goes to the wastewater treatment plant, is reclaimed and diverted to a two-million-gallon pond that is used to irrigate the golf course,” explained Mr. Lanthier, who has been leading green initiatives on the property since 2006. “Virtually every area of sustainable initiatives that we maintain or pursue meet or exceed the expectations of Green Globe.”