a diverse team of curious thinkers and creative problem-solvers

At OBMI, we are our people. By fostering specific strengths and expanding individual expertise, our collective abilities grow exponentially. We support lifelong learning for our team through conferences, workshops, certifications, travel—and hands-on experience with our senior architects. With projects in the globe’s most envied locations and job placements throughout the Caribbean, working with us is a career opportunity that enriches your world view and your lifestyle.

"There is an immense satisfaction in designing this three-dimensional object that becomes part of the fabric of people’s lives."
Tim Peck, Chairman
"Imagine having a king as your client and a brief to create the best hotel in the world: 7 stars, hors classe. Its success has greatly influenced our commitment to collaboration and how we take a really good idea and make it great."
Doug Kulig, Chief Executive Officer
"Managing any successful business, especially an architectural business built on relationships, comes down to hiring and coaching the right people for key leadership positions. Our people are absolutely our strongest asset."
Mike Wilson, President, Chief Operating Officer
"Architects pride themselves on being creatives, but I love the business side, too. When the business is running well, it allows our designers to be better designers."
Liora Haymann, Managing Director